Buttocks Exercises for Men - A Mans Guide on how to build Bigger, Sexier Buttocks

So even if my blog is mostly catering to women wanting to get a bigger, rounder and sexier booty there are also a lot men looking for a solution on how to get a bigger, better shaped butt. Read on because I know the best best butt building workout you will ever find if you want to get a bigger, sexier butt.

While it is true that a greatly shaped female butt is the ultimate sex appeal for many men the opposite is also true. With opposite I mean that well shaped butt on a man is very attractive to the female eye.
In fact, the butt is actually the first thing a woman looks at on a a man. A greatly shaped strong and round male butt is a sign of strength and virility and it does make him more attractive in the eyes of any woman. 
So a bigger and better shaped butt  will improve your looks and sex appeal. When you looks and sex appeal improves so will your self confidence. And when you are sure about yourself,  people will notice.
There is more to it than the just the buttocks though. Strong buttocks will help to keep proper alignment of your lower back area, thus giving you a better posture. This will help you to prevent back pain and you look better as well, because  the improved posture and proper alignment of your back will keep your stomach tucked in, thus making your stomach look flatter.
Apart from looks and preventing injuries stronger buttocks will also improve your performance in a number of sports. To mention a few, Ice-hockey, tennis, baseball and in practially any sport that contains a lot of running and jumping the buttocks play an important role in performance.
So just like for women a guy has several reasons why they would want to get a bigger and better shaped butt butt and many ask what they have to do to get a bigger better shaped butt.
So what is the difference between a male and female butt? There are few differencies, both are made up of the same muscles, but the shape is different. Women generally have a wider butt and hips than men have. The ideal male butt is therefore more narrow than the female. Narrow but also round and perky. Women also carry fat in their buttocks, which naturally gives them more volume. Men usually store fat in their bellies while their buttocks are mostly muscle.

So to get bigger buttocks exercise is the way to go. Women also have to exercise but they can also add fat to their booties in order to increase its volume.
So what does a man have to do in order to get bigger, better shaped buttocks? You follow a program designed to make your butt bigger. This workout is done separately (or in connection to) your existing workout. If you do not already work out, this is still easy to do.
So to build bigger, better glutes you will have train like do with any muscle. A lot of effective butt workouts also train the legs and can effectively be performed at the gym or at home. What really makes the buttocks grow is when they have to work against heavy resistance. This is what makes a butt building workout different from one which is simply designed to make the buttocks firmer. Heavy resistance it what makes a muscle grow.
Building a bigger butt requires a little effort but it easier than you might think. Only a few minutes a day is required in order to get a really great looking and powerfull butt. A butt that will give you sex appeal and confidence.
Below, you will find an extract of what you will find in the guide Gluteus Maximus. This is the special version for men and has proven to be very effective.

One of The Best Glute-Building Exercises
You Can Do...At Home OR at the Gym!
The One-Leg Bench Squat...this exercise is one of the absolute best glute-building exercises I have ever used. It combines an effective bodyweight movement with a great stretch at the bottom. This is an almost magical combination that can do wonders for your butt in a very short period of time.
You will need a solid chair or bench for this exercise. You will also need to have something solid that you can grab onto. This can be a railing or a door frame or a pole, etc. Place the chair/bench immediately in front of this solid object.
Stand on the chair on one leg facing the solid object and hold onto it at about waist or abdomen level directly in front of you (after a few reps, you will get a feel for where to place your hands).
Your heel should be close to the back edge of the chair and you should actively "sit back", keeping your weight on your heel as much as possible.
Lower your body as far down as you can go into a one-legged squat. Your other leg will drop down below the level of the chair seat behind you. You should feel a great stretch in your glute.
Make sure you continue to keep a firm grip on whatever you are holding on to. Do NOT touch your other foot to the ground. This will take tension off the glutes.
Push yourself back up using your glute as much as possible, focusing on pushing with your heel. Also, you can stick your butt out while pushing back up to really maximize the effect.
Use your grip on the solid object only as much as is necessary to keep the movement going. Don't pull too much with your arms or you will take tension off the glutes and defeat the purpose of the exercise! Do as many reps as you can then repeat on the other leg.

So now you have an idea of what is in this  butt building guide for men. This guide costs 39,95$ and come with a 60 day money back guarantee. So you can buy it and try it out and if you are not happy with it you will get your money back (and you even get to keep the product). So try it out, I am certain you will be happy with it.