Review of the Gluteus Maximus Butt Building Program

The Gluteus Maximus e-book is a workout program entirely dedicated to build a bigger, rounder and better shaped butt.
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The first thing that struck you when you pick this up (it is an e-book actually) is its size. If this book was printed it would be over 400 pages long. 400 pages of information on how to build a bigger butt. Is this really needed? Well, yes and no! This program contains exercises, programs and training advice all targeting the butt. There is a very good reason why it is so long.
The reason why it is long is that there a 19 complete programs containing 127 butt workouts in it and also very detailed explanations on how to perform each exercise. Exercises are shown in both videos and pictures so they are easy to understand. There are even pictures and explanations showing you common mistakes when performing the exercises, thus preventing you from doing anything dangerous and/or ineffective. Check out the Free Preview Here

This program goes over not only which exercises that are effective but also what combination of exercises that really work. The fact is that certain good exercises will become truly excellent in combination with other exercises. When they are done in a combination they turn into an excellent workout. This excellent butt workout will dramatically change your butt in only a few weeks time.
It also stresses the fact that you do need to change workout routine every few weeks. This is due to the fact that the muscles adapt to a certain movement and then stops growing. With all the workouts in this guide you could do a different workout every day for 5 months. Below is a sample of what you will find in the Gluteus Maximus e-book.

How to Do Pre-Exhaust Training
First, you're going to perform a set of what's called an "isolation exercise"...which is an exercise that focus strictly on the glute muscles.
In the pictures below, you'll see a demonstration of an isolation glute exercise...this is a Single Leg Hip Extension done on an exercise ball. The left glute is providing ALL the movement...the thighs aren't involved at all. You can also do this exercise with your foot on the floor instead of the ball, or with both feet on the floor (easier).

Perform a set of 8 to 10 reps (or more, if you can) on both legs. This is the "pre" part of the Pre-Exhaust Training. By fatiguing JUST the glute muscles, you're going to make them work that much harder when you move IMMEDIATELY to the next exercise...
The next exercise is going to be what's called a "compound exercise." This type of exercise involves many different muscle groups in one exercise. A good example of this in glute training is the Lunge. When you do a Lunge, you're working the glutes along with the thighs (quadriceps) and hamstrings.
Perform a set of 6 to 8 reps of the Lunge.
Now, because you've already exhausted the glutes from the Hip Extension exercise, the thighs will be fresher and the glutes will be pushed much harder even though the thighs may take over the movement.
Because your glutes are already fatigued, you're TRICKING them into doing more work! This results in greater glute activation and more GROWTH for your butt.
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Gluteus Maximus covers more than just exercises. It goes over important issues such as diet which is very important in order to make your booty grow bigger rounder and sexier. And also bodyposture.  There is a very simple test you can do in order to see how you hold yourself. If your body posture is wrong it means that very little strain will be put on the glutes when you walk or exercise and this will prevent them from growing. Detailed instructions on how to fix your bodyposture  is included in this guide. If you are a man reading this, the Gluteus Maximus e-book exists in two versions, one for women and one for men. You can check out the FREE PREVIEW of this program 

Finally it goes over the issue of stretching. An issue which is often overlooked in other workout programs but which never the less is important in order to get that round beutiful booty.
To conclude, the Gluteus Maximus is a very complete and detailed workout program. It is designed to turn flat butts into sexy round bubble butts. This program is not made to simply tone your booty but to really make it grow bigger and rounder. It is very well layed out and easy to follow. It is one of the most complete butt workouts you can find anywhere. 

However if you want a very effective butt building program containing more than just exercise, check out Bigger Butt Secrets

The Gluteus Maximus Butt Building Program costs 39.95 and comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee. This way you can buy it and try it and if you are not happy you will get a full refund. So try it out, you really don't have anything to lose and a bigger, sexier booty to gain.

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