The Bigger Butt Secrets Butt Building Program

The author of this book reveals a set of different butt building techniques and when they are combined they will make your butt bigger and sexier, with a great feminine shape. The methods used are not really secrets but simply a lot of things that most people do not know about. It is not a lot of mumbo-jumbo but actually scientific facts. The author have done a fair bit of research in this matter. 

The idea is that if you know how your body functions then you can take action and develop it (within reason) the way you want it. What you will learn is how simple changes in your lifestyle can change your body and make your booty  bigger, rounder and sexier.

The bigger butt secrets contains a number of effective butt building exercises. But there is a lot more to it than that. Butt building exercises are part of the deal, but so is fat. As a round bubble booty is made up of muscle and fat this program shows how to get both. So apart from exercise there are also methods that will help you to put fat on  your booty.

Like the Gluteus Maximus bigger butt secrets program also goes over the importance of the right bodyposture. This is important not only for the size and looks of your ass but also for your general health. Wrong posture can give you back problems.

All methods used in this book are natural. There is nothing fancy, expensive or anything that could be dangerous for you (unlike cosmetic surgery). On the contrary what you learn here will improve your general health.

The bigger butt secrets e-book goes over the reasons why your glutes stay small. These include: hormonal imbalance, low fat genetics, low muscle genetics, natural body shape, your physical activity, diet and lower body strength. You can not of course change your genetics, but there are methods you can use to get your hormones in balance and to change your body shape. In this this case getting a much bigger and rounder booty.

Finally this guide also covers the body fat distribution and will show you a method that actually allows you to shift bodyfat from other parts of your body to your booty. As other parts of your body gets slimmer (and your butt gets bigger)it will make a big difference to how your butt looks.

Finally, there is even a quick fix method to make your booty temporarily bigger, like when going out for the night. This is done by increasing the blood flow to the buttocks thus making them appear  bigger.

To summarize the Bigger Butt Secrets e-book is a very complete guide for building a bigger butt. It contains practially all you need in order to build a bigger butt quickly (usually it takes between 6-8 weeks to get really noticeable results). 

There are exercise programs that are more complete and detailed than the bigger butt secrets, but this guide is not simply an exercise program. This is a complete 4 step guide on how to get a bigger ass and it includes not only exercise but many other important aspects on how to get a round sexy bubblebutt.

The Bigger Butt Secrets Program costs 37$ and comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee so you can actually try it out and if you are not happy you will get a refund. To my knowledge this has never happen as people are very satisfied with this product. So try it out, you have nothing to lose and everything to win, that is a very sexy booty.

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