Butt Enhancement Pills!

As there are more and more women looking to enlarge their butts there are also an increasing amount of products available, claiming to improve the size and shape of your booty. Among those, there are Butt Enhancement Pills. Do they work? Can you really increase the size of your butt simply by taking a pill or using some cream?

As soo many of us desire to change our bodies there are a lot of smart marketers out there trying to earn money on our so called "flaws". There are soo many "fantastic" exercise machines out there claiming to make that stomach flat, to improve the shape and size of your thighs, butt, arms, you name it. The same goes for supplements. Creams and pills that are supposed to  take away cellulite and a number of pills, teas, drinks etc that will help you to lose weight, without effort. Sadly many of these products simply do not work. There are also pills and creams that are supposed to give you bigger breasts and/or a bigger butt. Lets see what they really are and how they work.

The size and shape of your booty is determined by your genetics. It is your body type and the amount of muscle and fat on your buttocks that gives it its shape and size. So stronger and bigger women
naturally have bigger booties. African women for example usually have both bigger and rounder bottoms and this is due to their genetics and the amount of fat and muscle they carry on their buttocks. Women also naturally store fat in their buttocks as opposed to men who tend to put on fat on their stomachs.  Genetics is not something one can change of course, however you can add muscle and fat to our booties thus making them bigger and rounder.

Butt enhancement pills are used to add fat to your booty. These pills contains ingredients such as Maca root, Wild jam, Watercress Leaf, Puerara Mirifica, Fengucreek and many others. These are natural herbs, roots and plants and several of these  ingredients are also used in breast enlargement creams and pills. Some of these ingredients (like Puerara Mirifica) contains a substance which is very similar to the female sexhormone estrogen. This will stimulate the body to increase the amount of fat in the buttocks and thigh area as well as the breasts.

So does this really work, does butt enhancement pills really do make your butt bigger? There is no clear answer to this question. Some people say that this is a complete scam and that there is no way it can work. Among women who have tried them, some claim absolutely stunning results and some no results at all. The fact is that we are all different and results can not be guaranteed. However if nobody ever got results from them, I doubt that they would stay in business for very long.

What butt enhancement pills can not do is to add muscle to your booty. Only exercise can help you to acheive this and therefore you should not only rely on a pill or supplement to make your butt bigger you should exercise as well. Exercise will add muscle to your booty and give it a nice firm shape. In some cases exercise alone is enough to give you the results you desire. In any case to get a really sexy booty you should exercise.

There are also other ways of putting fat on your booty than using butt enhancement pills. There are many natural supplements that can be used to acheive the same effect as when taking butt pills. If you use the right combination of supplements  you can get the same or even better results than if you use butt pills or butt creams. There are also "bigger butt foods", that is foods that will help you to add fat to your butt without adding fat to the rest of your body.

To summarize, butt enhancement pills may or might not work for you. They may help you to put some fat to your booty, but there are other ways of doing this, which will work just as well and for a lower cost. To have a really juicy ass you also need to put muscle on your butt and only exercise can do this so you need a good exercise program.
There is a good solution for all this. In the guide bigger butt secrets you will find everything you need to do in order to make your butt bigger and rounder.

The Bigger Butt Secrets goes over all the reasons why your butt stays small/flat and  what you must do to make it bigger and rounder. It contains an excellent exercise program really targeting your booty, advice on diet, dietary supplements and even a way of moving body fat from other parts of your body to your booty. This is a complete guide on how to get a bigger, sexier ass. It is much more than just an exercise program or a supplement. 

Many women have tried it and they have noted nice results in only a few weeks time. The Bigger Butt Secrets costs less than 40$ and it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. You can actually buy, try it and if you are not happy you will get a refund as well as keeping the product as well. To my knowledge nobody has ever asked for a refund because everyone who bought it has been very happy with the results. 

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