Exercises for a Bigger, Sexier Butt!

If you want a sexy booty like the one on this picture you will have to do some exercise. The buttocks are mostly made up of muscles and to get a bigger sexier butt   exercising is important. If you add some muscle to your butt it will get firmer, rounder and bigger. 

Even if you have a really flat butt, you can still make it  bigger and  rounder sexier. Keep reading and learn more about which exercises are effective to build a bigger butt and where to find a great butt workout.
What you need is a butt-killer workout designed to make your butt bigger not just firmer. 

Some exercises which are good on their own will give even greater results when put together with other exercises in a certain order. So the right combination of exercises will give you great workout that will make your buttocks grow bigger.

Below you will find detailed descriptions on a few good butt building exercises.These are good for building a bigger butt and they are easy to do. You can perform them at home in your own time.

The key to succeeding when it comes to exercise (and not only for the butt) is doing the right exercises for what you want to acheive and also to recover properly between workouts. To recover you need rest and a proper diet

Stand on all fours. Extend your leg (like on the picture) and the kick sideways. Repeat until you feel strain in your buttock/hip and then change legs and do the other side.

Floor Bridges
Lie on your back with your legs bent then lift your butt as high as you can while squeezing your buttocks.
Lower your butt to the floor then repeat.

Start keeping your feet together then take big step forward until you reach the position in this picture. Get back up and repeat. Change legs. When you get stronger you can also add some weight

Do the exercises 3 or 4 times a week and make sure you get enough rest between workouts, how many repetitions you do of each exercise  depends on your strength and physical shape. These are but a few good exercises for building a bigger butt, there are many, many more. 
Now to get really good results and to make your butt grow bigger and bigger, you do need to do a little more than just a few exercises. The exercises mentioned above is a great start and they will give you results. 

However after a few weeks, your muscles will adapt to the exercises and stop growing. This is the same with all strength training. What needs to be done then is that you change your workout and replace these exercises with some others. This will force your muscles (in this case your buttocks) to grow stronger (and of course bigger)  in order to adapt to the new movement.

Now this is really not too hard. Even if you are not very sporty or currently not exercising at all you can still do this. How soon you will see results really depends from person to person but it is possible to see changes in as little as 3-4 weeks. 

Exercising is a great way to get a bigger butt and sometimes exercise alone is enough in order to give your booty the size and shape you desire. However, if your booty is really small or flat it would be a good idea to  add some fat to it as well. Strong butt muscles in combination with some more fat will further increse your booty size and shape.

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Now you only need to get started. Just go for it and the results will be a bigger, sexier butt. That would be great, wouldn't it?