Saturday, February 19, 2011

How to get a Bigger Butt Quickly!

Wouldn't it be great to have a really sexy booty? A big round bubble of a butt? Are you tired of seeing that flat butt in the mirror? You would really like to do something about it, but you do not know what?

 It is frustrating isn't it? Seeing how other girls get all the attention just because of their booties? Well, a greatly shaped female butt is just so attractive to the male eye guys simply can't help but to look. What if you could have a bigger butt quickly? You Can! If you want the secret to a big sexy ass just Click Here

Nothing is as sexy as a round well shaped butt. For most men the booty is the most attractive female bodypart (breasts are second and legs third). This is why guys are staring when a woman with a Big Sexy Booty walks by, they simple can´t help but to look. 

Men has always been attracted to big, rounded booties and even though fashion has sometimes told us otherwise most men prefer a female butt with a round shape and some volume to it. With all this in mind, getting a bigger rounder ass would be a great way to improve your sex appeal.

The best way to get a big sexy booty is to take action. Click Here to find out how to do it 

This is what this blog is all about. Showing you how to get a bigger, sexier booty. On these pages you will find  the information you need in order to make that backside rounder, bigger and sexier. Here is pages with exercises, nutrition, reviews of butt building exercise programs and also what you can do to make the most of what you have got and make your butt look bigger when wearing a dress.

 Everything on this blog has been tried and verified, so you can be sure that the methods mentioned here works.
Also these methods are all natural and (apart from perhaps a small investment in an exercise program) they are free of charge and will also improve your general health.
Why not try them?
You could have a bigger and sexier booty in as little as six weeks.
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You will see that getting bigger buttocks is much easier than you might think. Sure it does require a little effort, but wouldn't it be worth it? Getting a really sexy well rounded and eyecatching ass is worth a little effort, don't you agree? A big booty that will make you feel really sexy and attractive. The methods mentioned here will make that happen. Just keep reading and you will find out just how it works. Learn how to get a bigger butt quickly

Fine, you say, this would be great but I have flat booty without much shape so this is not going to happen. Tell you what, it really can happen. You will get a bigger sexier booty if you follow some simple advice. We are all born differently we come in all shapes and sizes and this of course is also true for the booty.

 So don't worry about that, it is not your fault. Getting a big booty will not change you as a person. BUT it will give you sex appeal and it will give you confidence and it will be a lot of fun to be the center of attention. Imagine yourself in a few weeks from now admiring your "new" booty in the mirror? Just get Bigger Butt Secrets to get started

Some women are born with a big sexy round booty. It is in their genetics. It is the amount of muscle and fat they carry on their buttocks that gives it that great round shape. This is the case of african women (or african-american women) and this is the reason why they often have such great looking butts. 

You can, of course, not change your gentics, but you can make your butt grow bigger (much bigger if you want to) by making a few changes in your lifestyles and thus giving your butt the best conditions possible to grow bigger and rounder. Read my page How to get a big ass!

So just go for it, if you really want it just take action, you can get a much bigger sexier butt if you follow some simple advice.
On these pages you will find the information you need in order to get that beautiful, well rounded and sexy booty you always wanted. A booty that will turn heads, a booty that will drive your man (or any man) wild.  

So enough what it will feel like to have a sexier butt. Now to the methods that will actually get you there. Below you will find some buttbuilding exercises, advice on nutrition and also a page which shows you how to make your butt look bigger when wearing a dress. I have also included a couple of reviews of exercise and buttbuilding programs which I have found particularly effective. So check it out, I am sure you will find this information useful. 

Exercises that makes butt bigger
Exercises are very important in order to make your booty bigger. The buttocks are made up mostly of muscle and specific buttbuilding exercises will make your buttocks grow bigger, rounder and sexier. It is important to know which exercises are really effective and how to perform them. Check out my exercise page to learn more. 

There is also an exercise program called Gluteus Maximus Butt Building Program. This workout is specifically designed to make your booty bigger. There are two versions one for women and one for men. You can ge a free preview of this program Here

You need a good diet to build a bigger butt. Partly to recover between workouts but there are also some foods that really do make just your butt bigger. Learn which ones on my page   Foods for a bigger butt

How to make your butt look bigger in a dress
On this page you will find a few tips on how to make your butt look bigger by choosing the right clothes and shoes. This is useful when going out and you naturally want to look your best: How to make your butt look bigger in a dress

Review of the Bigger Butt Secrets program
This is another program promising to get you a bigger, sexier butt. It is partly about exercise but there is more to it than that. Among other things there is a secret tip that is supposed to make your booty much bigger and rounder. Find out about this trick and what this program is all about: Review of the Bigger Butt Secrets Program.

Review of the Womens Lower Body Makover
This is another exercise program which targets not only the booty but the entire lower body including thighs, hips and tummy. There are workouts for every bodytype and some good exercises which will make a flat butt round. Here is the Review of the Womens Lower Body Makeover. 

I hope you you will find this information useful. To get a great booty you simply need to take action. If you want to get started now, click on the link below and get the Bigger Butt Secrets program. The woman who's great big booty you see below devloped it. She used to have flat butt before, and just look at it now. In only 6-8 weeks you can have a great butt just like her. Just click on the link below, follow her advice and you will soon have a booty like her.


  1. To maximize my butt exercises on my quest to get a bigger butt, I mix Glute MAXIMIZER with some juice or smoothie and drink it within 30 minutes of my workout. Whatever muscles you just ripped; what you drink or eat right after it will go directly there. A perfect science! You could drink it without working out but it will work faster if you do both.

  2. ...with more walking do a nice butt

  3. I always love women with a big butt. Nice post. I'll read it again.

  4. Core! Core! Core! This is what has been lacking from my workout for my entire life. N This exercise looks familiar. I am ready for the advanced version. Yes! Thanks :)

  5. You are welcome and good luck with your workout.

  6. I absolutely hate my body i'm a 5'5 125 pound female with A cup breast and I hate being in public with my friend she is a 5'2curvy body big boobs and big ghetto ass and when we are together guys are more attracted to her than me and they make comments and I feel like its impossible for me to enhance my body the way I want to I have tried maca root GroBust and nothing is working. I feel like my bf is getting less attracted to me because he's more attracted to big booty girls and big boobs like my friend. they never met simply because im afraid he would leave me for someone like her. im losing hope in this maybe God wanted me to be skinny with no ass and tits.

  7. There are a few things to consider here:
    First of all, there is nothing wrong with you. You can not help that you were created this way. I also believe that every type of body is attrative in some way.

    It is pretty normal that guys are attracted to big booties and big tits, they just can not help it it is instictive. So if your guy is looking at girls with big butts and tits just let him look. If he really loves you he will stay with you anyway regardless if you have a big booty or not.

    If you really do want to make some changes to your body and especially your butt, take a good look at thes pages and follow the advice I give here. It really can make a big difference, making you feel sexier and more attractive.

    Finally, whether you ever decide to make your butt bigger or not, remember that you are fine as you are, and I am sure that you have other qualities that are equally important to your boyfriend. After all if a big butt and big tits was the only thing important for him why is he with you in the first place???

    I wish you all the best and good luck.

    Kindest regards,


  8. When we generally imagine body-image problems, most of us are likely to think of individual's plan to be slim. For some, even so, getting underweight is as upsetting as being chubby. Any lanky rear end specifically can leave both women and men experiencing insufficient. Your butt gets it's shape generally in the gluteus maximus, a large, rounded stylish extensor muscle tissue. Construct this upward for the rounded, head-turning base.

  9. You should always do your butt exercises in a controlled manner, and feel your butt working out! Squats for example are a great exercise where you easily workout every different muscle but your butt.

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  10. For make bigger butt after using Dermalmd Glute Booster serum for about 2 weeks now I can see a difference in my butt after using this serum on butt. They are growing slowly but surely and l've been getting a lot of compliments on my figure. I figured it was the weight I gained from the holiday season but no... it's this serum. I can only image what happens when I actually start squatting and working out again because I already see results. I recommend Dermalmd Glute Booster serum :)